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Accelerating Continuous Improvement 


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Rever's digital Continuous Improvement platform helps companies to not only capture more ideas, but to effectively execute those ideas. At scale.

Based on proven Kaizen and Lean principles, Rever allows anyone to become an innovator and improve company performance.

  • Create, experiment, implement new ideas
  • Collaborate, share across organization
  • Recognize, reward with gamification
    ...all from your smartphone.
  • AND see real-time insights, participation statistics, and impact data on Rever web portal.
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Continuous Improvement For All

Rever’s intuitive mobile allows everyone to own the solutions to the problems they encounter daily.


Empowerment through PDCA

Proven Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) method behind an easy interface to execute ideas quickly in an organized and consistent way.


Spread and reuse ideas

Don't reinvent the wheel. Rever helps your ideas to be automatically rediscovered and implemented in the right places.


Track results effortlessly

Rever automatically tracks impact and delivers reports on savings, new revenue, productivity, quality, safety, etc.


Best Practices and Support

A library of videos, articles, and templates from our experienced Lean practitioners to help create a culture and deliver quick wins.


Save Time

Remove friction from submitting ideas and coming up with solutions. Say good-bye to Excel with insights at your fingertips.

Start today with up to 25 users for FREE and experience a new velocity in how continuous improvement is executed. Say goodbye to a stagnant library of great ideas and welcome an new era of everyone driving performance impact.

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Rever is the perfect tool for Continuous Improvement and Lean . The app allows you to have a record of what everyone is doing and to democratize knowledge.

Manuel Ramírez

Ventures Director at Grupo Bimbo

Manuel Ramirez Grupo Bimbo

Companies Trust Rever for Continuous Improvement

Accelerating Continuous Improvement

With the right mix of technology and training to engage all your frontline employees in daily Kaizen, Rever makes your Lean journey more effective.

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