#1 Idea Management Software

Rever is the mobile Idea Management system for your frontline employees. It allows you to achieve breakthrough results through daily simple ideas.

  • Crowdsource Ideas for Innovation
  • Capture & Execute the Best Ideas
  • Increase Employee Engagement
  • Drive Innovation for the Best ROI

Rever’s mobile Idea Management app makes it easy to engage all your employees in daily experimentation. Our platform makes it easy to validate ideas quickly and collaborate in open and decentralized innovation.

Using management software like Rever can fuel your innovation pipeline with valuable ideas that impact your bottom line. You can collate customers ideas, employees ideas, suggestions for product development or marketing planning. It can be used by stakeholders both internally and externally to drive innovation and collaboration in your business. Innovation management software effectively crowdsources ideas instead of having to invest in expensive market research.


Rever is a platform that enables, in a very friendly way, the common people in a company to be part of the innovation community. In PMI, Rever has been an extremely successful project that allowed us to create a new asset: the asset of people innovating

Ricardo Cordova — Director of Operations Philip Morris International Mexico

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